Dance Don’t Diet: The 20 Best Workout Songs to Get You in the Groove


If you want to lose weight, diet and exercise are necessary. While most people resort to dieting because they don’t want to put in a lot of effort in working out, it’s essential to stay active. In fact, there’s a general consensus that every person needs to engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.

dancingFor those who don’t want to have such a grueling time at the gym, doing a workout at home is possible. If heavy lifting and strength training is not your thing, dancing to the best workout playlist would be an awesome alternative. Plus, dancing won’t make you feel as if you are working out, since it seems as if you are just grooving to the beat.

To help you burn some calories while following the beat, here are 20 of the most awesome songs that will keep you hyped while you are doing the best workouts and dance moves to the beat.

1. Started from the Bottom: Get Your Motivation up with Drake’s Song

There are days when you don’t feel like getting any work done and this includes getting your body in shape. If it is one of those days, you might want to be reminded that the best workout are the ones that would make you feel like giving up. With the song’s lively beat, you can improve your motivation while you groove to the music.

If you are feeling specially creative, you can even change the lyrics of the song to reflect your exercise woes.

2. Black and Yellow: Wiz Khalifa’s Would Boost Your Exercise Drive

runIf you need any reminding that your goal is to achieve the kind of physique you have dreamed of even if it seems to be impossible, Wiz Khalifa’s track could be the best way to remind you that anything’s possible. This song is an ode to the Pittsburg Steelers and it has a 164 beats per minutes, which also makes it a good song for those who love to run.

The message behind this song isn’t too hard to decode, as it’s just all about an all or nothing approach in life. This is the same thing that you want to incorporate in your principles on getting in shape.

3. Dj Got Us Fallin’ in Love: There’s No Better Groove Than a Song Featuring Usher and Pitbull

kickboxingThe best exercises are the ones that you do while grinding to a fast beat. If you love a good grove and you don’t mind dancing to Usher and Pitbull, this song might just be what you need to play on the background. With 120 BPM, you are bound to lose several calories from dancing to this tune.

Since the music is quite lively, doing your cardio or some kickboxing routine would be perfect for this beat. The song’s vibe can inject much needed energy to your system while you sing along and groove.

4. Broken Arrows: Avicii’s Choice of Beats Will Ease You into a Good Workout

gymIf you have heard Wake Me Up and you loved the beat, then chances are, you would love his newest song from Avicii, too. You might need to place this one on your playlist if you are serious about making a dance playlist that you can exercise to endlessly.

This song is perfect whether you plan to hit the gym or exercise at home. The beat may be slow and soft at first which is ideal for a warm up. Then, it builds up to a catchy rhythm which is hard to shake off once you have caught on to the rhythm. Aside from being a good song, this is also the kind of music that can make your body respond quite easily.

5. Shut Up and Dance: Walk The Moon Has the Perfect Music to Get You Grooving

losing yourselfThis is one of those songs that you can’t help but love because it is so adorable. While dancing to the music and losing yourself in the process, you might even find yourself smiling.  At 128 beats per minute, this may seem a bit slow for some but this offers the perfect pace when you don’t want to do something too intense.

This is a euphoric song which is how you want to feel when you are working on becoming a better you. If you love to sing along to the songs you dance to, well, this one is a good song for karaoke too. And, if you have any excuses about not dancing, the song tells you to “shut up and dance.”

6. Uma Thurman: Fall Out Boy’s Rock Hit Will Sustain the Hype

If you are in for some serious dance moves that could burn the calories away, this smashing hit from FOB could be what you need. After doing some moves to keep up with their beat, you might find yourself trying to keep up with racing heart beats.

At about 150 beats per minute, this doesn’t seem to be difficult to dance to but don’t underestimate how hyped the song can be. In fact, you might find yourself out of breath quickly. By challenging yourself to a fast paced dance work out, you can achieve more with just a few minutes of doing your favorite dance moves

7. Bang My Head Against the Wall: The David Guetta, Sia and Fetty Wap’s Track is a Workout Playlist Must Have

stretchesThis is the kind off song that starts off slow, but it progresses into a faster beat. This is a great way to do a workout that requires a bit of warming up. You could also add this track for those days when you do not have a lot of energy to use up for grooving. The song’s progression is one of the most impressive things about this song although you may want to say pass if you want something that can sustain your energy.

This is a good move when you want to take things slow, since it’s just about 110 beats per minute. This could play in the background while you do some stretches or when you are busy with the best chest workout.

8. Don’t Stop the Music: Rihanna Could Be the Perfect Exercise Buddy

If you are just like any regular person, you might come up with the best workout routine but you could feel the need to stop. If you have not reached the targeted hours of exercise that you need to do, this song could be the best addition to your playlist. Rihanna is quite imposing when she sings Don’t Stop the Music and if are caught up in her voice, you may not realize that you are going have been dancing out of your own volition.

This is the perfect music to dance to when you just want to groove without a care in the world. Whether you are a fan or Rihanna or not, this song is a good choice when you trying to follow a dancing workout.

9. Eye of the Tiger: Empower Yourself with The Lyrics of a Catchy Song

Photo by Phim ?nh / CC BY-SA

For those moments when you need something to keep your spirits up, this song would be the perfect mood booster.

This song may remind you for a scene from Rocky III, but there’s no denying that this could be what you need when you are feeling down and in need of some encouragement. With the rhythm, you can sing and dance along to the music while performing the best workout to lose weight.

This one is an oldie but a goodie. If you are from the new generation, you might not appreciate it much but the song itself sends a powerful message that you couldn’t ignore. Hence, it is the perfect song for fueling your drive when you need to work out.

10. Beat It: Michael Jackson Knows a Thing or Two About Staying in Shape

Michael Jackson may have been involved in a lot of controversies but there’s no denying that he transformed the world of music and of dancing. His moves are among the most popular and even kids today know how he moves although they would never have expected that they are following MJ’s moves.

Beat it has a fast beat but it’s always important to challenge yourself to do better and this is the perfect moment to apply that principle. When you feel procrastination creeping in, you want this song to play in the background. If all else fails, you can always follow it with another Michael Jackson classic “Man in the Mirror” to keep you motivated.

11. Another One Bites the Dust: Queen Songs Keeps You Sweating While Doing the Best Workouts

Freddy Mercury
Photo by kentarotakizawa / CC BY

If you are afraid that a good song is not enough to get your heart pumping, then you can always look at a shirtless Freddy Mercury. This song can also inspire a bit of head banging especially for those who got the lyrics all committed to memory. It’s undeniable that this classic song would be great to dance to right next to modern songs.

Although it’s just 110 beats per minute, you can achieve so much within the first few minutes of this song. This has been one of the best songs to run to.

You can also improve your fat burning ability with HGH supplements like GenFX if the right music isn’t enough to get you hyped. Caution must be taken, however, so you need to drop by your doctor’s office before you start taking any hormone supplement.

12. Sexyback: Justin Timberlake Could Lighten Up the Mood

Exercise may be a serious matter but that doesn’t mean that you have to be all business. When you are dancing to the best workout songs, you want to have a smile on your face. It’s always great to do your workout with a happy face. This would not just help set your mood for the entire day. It can also help you avoid wrinkles and fine lines.

This became Timberlake’s top single and it could be your go to music when you are working on those chest, shoulder, and back muscles. While Justin is singing his heart out in the background, you can do your part and workout to achieve a sexy back.

13. Work Hard, Play Hard: Tiesto’s Music Can Give You a Good Kind of High

clubbingEven if clubbing is not your thing, you would gain an appreciation to the music that they have over in those places. If you want to dance all night as if there’s no tomorrow, club music are among the best types of songs to dance to. This track can help add the vibe that clubs wish to achieve and you can use the kind of energy channeled through your body to perform an awesome dance number.

If you need more help on what you are supposed to do, you can always look for the best workout videos. Be sure to choose a routine that you can do without any problems. This is also one of those songs that remind you that if you work hard enough, you are bound to receive an awesome reward.

14. We Own It: The Fast and Furious Track by 2Chainz Might Be the Best Workout Song for You

If you are familiar with the soundtrack of the Fast and Furious, you probably know by now that it happens to be one of the best sources for great workout music. This track is just one of those and with its catchy beat, sweating out to the music would be an awesome experience.

With 172 beats per minute, this is what you want in the background when you plan to do something intense. Kickboxing inspired moves complete with the kicks would be great choices when this music is in the background. Plus, you can always sing along to this song while adding it to your dance marathon playlist.

15. Shake It Off: Taylor Swift’s Catchy Song Could Get You Hooked On Dancing

shake it off
Photo by vintage.swift / CC BY

Shaking your body like you mean it should be your top priority when you are growing to lose weight. Although some people believe that the best ab workout involves crunches and doing floor workouts, you won’t need to resort to that. There are dance moves that can target the ab muscles, so that the area will look toned, and you won’t need to lie down on a mat for it.

By playing Taytay’s song in the background and allowing your body to shake things off, you could feel more energized while doing your workout. This is also the right song to vent out your frustration in a healthy way. You can sing “shake it off” to your heart’s content, while letting go of some frustrations and burning some calories in the process.

16. Lose Yourself: Eminem’s Song is Perfect for Any Part of Your Routine

There are songs that are perfect as the warm up exercise and there are also songs that are perfect when you need to cool down. But when it comes to Eminem, you can use is song in almost any part of your exercise When it comes to getting hyped for completing another round of dancing, this is just too inspirational that it would be a crime to take it out of your workout list.

The beats per minute for this one is pretty small so this is what you want when you don’t want something too intense. With Eminem telling you to lose yourself in the background, you should be hyped enough to dance to a few more songs before giving up.

17. Wiggle: Jason Derulo’s Track Feat with Snoop Dog Could Get Your Body Moving

Jason Derulo
Photo by Melissa Rose / CC BY

Jason Derulo is known for producing great music and with the addition of Snoop Dog, this track has a distinctive feel to it but in a good way.

This song is one of those tracks that will get you hooked you would be humming it for hours.

The whistle is a good way to start the song and it does look awesome to move your body to the rhythm of this song.

This three minute track will keep you hyped and wiggling at 164 beats per minute.

If you play the video and follow their moves, you might even find yourself smiling while you groove.

18. It’s My Life: Bon Jovi’s Song Could Fuel Your Energy to Get Up and Do Something

Bon Jovi
Photo by Rosana Prada / CC BY

If you need something that could push you to stand on your feet and jump to your heart’s content, it would be a song from Bon Jovi. This is another classic that is bound to keep you pumped for a few minutes and help keep you motivated. It’s 120 beats per minutes of dancing to a classic song.

If the beat doesn’t give you the energy boost you need, try to sing along. The lyrics are quite powerful and you might find yourself singing “It’s my life” to the top of your lungs while you groove.

19. Watch Me: Yung Cyph’s Whip-Nae Nae Song Became a Hit for Good Reason

The Nae Nae song became quite popular when it was first released. In fact, people took tons of videos featuring their own version of the dance. It became quite a hit and if you want something catchy that doesn’t require you to think about what the lyrics is telling you, this song might be the perfect choice.

It’s about 144 beats per minute and you can follow the original steps. You can also make your own steps if you feel like it.

20. It’s My Birthday: Will.I.Am’s Track Will Keep Your Energy High Even If It Isn’t Your Big Day

This track is just too much fun not to include in a workout playlist. You can turn your energies higher and add more intensity to your workout while putting both hands in the air ad grooving to the beat. The beat is just right for the best workout for men although girls would love having this in their playlist.

Dancing is the best workout. It could be the perfect cardio workout when you don’t want to be stuck with the same steps in an exercise video again and again.

By doing a fair amount of dancing you may not need to cut out a lot of foods in your diet. Of course, you have to get rid of processed and sugary foods but other than that, you are free to eat regular meals like usual as long as you do a fair amount of exercise.


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