Sharp as a Tack: 16 Ways HGH Can Help Your Aging Brain


Like most of us, you probably have no issues complaining about the nagging backache you’ve had all week or even the sore joints after being busy all day, but when it comes to memory and other brain related conditions, you are unsure whether or not to tell anyone. Most people are reluctant to admit their aging brain and cognitive health as they fear that others will judge them the wrong way. However, disregarding these signs of aging can put your health at higher risk.

Though strangely enough, did you know that human growth hormone or HGH could improve your brain function? Moreover, a change in your lifestyle can help your pituitary gland to produce growth hormones, so you can ease back and live better once again?

Be that as it may, let us discover the 16 ways HGH can help the aging brain and other natural ways to keep your mind and body strong and healthy. Our last tip deals with how you can improve your cognitive skills by eating healthy foods. Don’t miss that vital information.

First and foremost, let us define what a human growth hormone is and what it does to your brain

1. As You Age: HGH and Your Brain Function

enhance your memoryMost of you are probably yearning to improve your alertness level and enhance your memory as you get older. Even young adults and children want to develop their brains to excel in school and later on in their careers. It can be quite challenging to determine the factors that affect your learning abilities as you age.

Are you experiencing a memory lapse more frequently? Although we can easily say that it’s all because of aging, HGH or human growth hormone plays a key role for sharper minds and overall brain health.

Your body secretes the human growth hormone through your pituitary gland. When you were younger you had larger amounts of human growth hormones. This is why you can easily memorize a speech that your teacher asked you to recite. As middle age approaches, HGH production become scarce, and so remembering names, birthdays or a grocery list can become so frustrating.

2. It Is All in Your Mind: How the Brain Shapes a Person

There is always the controversy whether or not there is a link between your mind and body. Enough evidence has shown how your brain shapes your personal identity.

In case you have a body injury, you still are the same individual and that doesn’t really make many changes in your mental and emotional state at all. It’s only your body that changed physically, right?

However, if you suffer from a serious head injury, your damaged brain can make your body unconscious, or your personality can change suddenly. In which case, you have to really keep your brain functioning at its optimum level, no matter what your age.

3. Maintain Your Brain: HGH Helps Restore Your Cellular Levels

brain function
Photo by Jkwchui / CC BY-SA

Since HGH aids in developing your cellular levels, it goes without saying how it can also affect your brain function. While human growth hormones are capable of tissue and cell regeneration, it cannot do anything to a degenerating nerve cell, at least for now.

Nevertheless, HGH can still be able to enhance nerve growth factors if there is enough production inside the body. That means your brain function will significantly improve because the brain cells are somehow restored.

4. It’s All in the Research: How HGH Effectively Prevents Cell Loss

Even if human growth hormone therapy is not effective in growing new nerve cells, some experiments have allowed the brain’s dendritic connections to renew. This connecting neuron is responsible for you to communicate.

The research from New Zealand suggests remarkable results concerning IGF injections and brain injury. Peter Gluckman and Barbara Johnson of the University of Auckland injected IGF-I or insulin-like growth factor 1 to fetal lambs in the hopes of saving the damaged neurons. They also successfully prevented the involuntary death of cells, known as apoptosis through this experiment.

Most brain injuries, whether in animals or in humans contributes to the death of brain cells. This only shows how an early administration of IGF-I can significantly prevent cell loss.

5. The Significance of Human Growth Hormones and Your Brain Tissue

neurotransmittersA human growth hormone impacts your brain tissue by delivering an additional concentration of neurotransmitters. In case you forgot, neurotransmitters transfer information from one brain cell to another. Not only does HGH speed up the process, it also enhances your overall brain function.

The Facts:Those who experience HGH therapy showed a significant improvement in their memory capacity. This was based solely on the 62 percent of patients who participated in a study conducted by a Palms Springs Life Extension Institute specialist, Dr. Edmund Chein.

Now let’s take a look at how HGH has evolved over the years.

6. Human Growth Hormone Injections: A Historically Healthy Timeline

Now that we know the benefits of HGH both for your mind and body, let us find out how the production of HGH injections has improved over the years.

  • 1950s: HGH-I is nothing new. The manufacturers created the first HGH Injection over 65 years ago. They extracted it from a dead human body. Of course, they conducted a stringent process of purification before they tested it on patients.
    Most of these patients are children having deficiency in human growth hormone. Considering how difficult it is to produce such particular hormone outside your own bodies, there was a scarce supply of HGH back then.
    Later on, the process of extracting HGH from cadavers and administering it to these patients showed a negative side effect. Apparently, the hormones obtained from the dead body heightened the risks of developing a fatal disease. Did you know that Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease could be compared to what we call now as mad cow disease? That’s quite risky, indeed.
  • synthetic form of human growth hormone1980’s: 30 years later, Kabi and Genentech used a synthetic form of human growth hormone to invent a recombinant HGH, or rHGH. They used recombinant DNA technology. The process allows the DNA sequences extracted from different sources to breakdown. After which, the enzymes and molecules are formed once again into something that is not so inherent to its nature.
    The two scientists then created an external source of DNA to the original so it can reproduce more synthetic DNAs.
  • 2016: Up until now, professionals are still using Kabi and Genentech’s technology in manufacturing synthetic HGH injections. Since then, there have been no cases of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease reported.

What are you waiting for? Do something fast if you are already seeing the early signs of aging.

7. HGH Can Be Your Best Defense Against Aging

The promising results showing the improvements in brain function and structure from HGH all make human growth hormones your best ally when it comes to aging. Not only that, but the newly developed neurons come with lots of benefits for your cognitive health. And although the physical aging process is inevitable, we can at least do something to prevent memory loss.

Here is what you can do:

  • Talk to a doctor about your decreased memory performance.
  • Join discussions with people experiencing early signs of aging.
  • Take food supplements that promote HGH production.
  • Make a significant lifestyle change.

Just how do you keep up with the changes in your lives? Let’s learn ways to increase human growth hormone naturally.

8. Unravel Your Body’s Potential: Check For Ways To Secrete HGH Naturally

pituitary gland
Photo by Life Science Databases(LSDB) / CC BY-SA

HGH naturally comes from your body. As mentioned earlier, the pituitary gland that sits inside your brain produces the human growth hormone. HGH is essential for a child to grow normally.

When that child becomes an adult, human growth hormone plays a significant role in order to maintain the right body mass such as fat, bone and muscle. In case there is an insufficient amount of HGH later on in life, they will be susceptible to premature aging and rapid decline of body’s functioning.

Read on to know how you can increase the formation of human growth hormone naturally:

  • Keep Your Emotional Stress in Check. Maintaining the overall well-being is vital for a healthy mind and body. Stay away from stressful situations to always have that youthful glow.
  • Prevent the Accumulation of Fats in Abdomen. There’s no better way to avoid this by eating right. Ask your doctor or nutritionist on the basics of proper diet.
  • Find Ways to Avoid Overall Weight Gain. Sedentary lifestyles can lead to weight gain. Exercise is the key here. Take early morning brisk walks to keep fit, strong and healthy.
  • Remain Motivated and Inspired. How you live your daily life can influence your behavior and emotions. When you have nothing else to do, it decreases growth hormone and slows down your brain function. This makes you feel less inspired to do some important things.
  • sleep
    Photo by Aweisenfels / CC BY-SA

    You Need more Sleep. Avoid sleep deprivation because eventually this will lead to less HGH and exhaustion. This in turn will make you suffer cognitively, emotionally and physically.

  • Aim for a Healthy Body. A healthier diet is all it takes to improve your overall body function. If you have a healthy body, it is likely you will have better social, behavioral and cognitive skills throughout your life.

9. HGH Supplements: A Natural Way to Enhance Your Production of Human Growth Hormone

There are only two ways to maintain high levels of human growth hormone inside your body. Since HGH injections are artificial and not to mention, expensive, there has to be a better alternative. And, that better alternative is HGH supplements.

HGH supplements help your body produce HGH naturally. The process is 100 percent natural because it lets your body do the work. HGH supplements can help improve your memory and cognitive function and even reverse all signs of aging.

10. What More to Expect When Taking HGH Supplements?

Let us find out what natural HGH supplement brings to the table:

  • Sharper memory
  • Less wrinkles
  • Less fatigue
  • Better moods
  • Improved libido
  • Weight loss
  • Weight controlLess muscle and joint pains
  • Healthier heart and lungs
  • Stronger immune system
  • Weight control
  • Improved emotional control
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Improved physical appearance such as voluminous hair, bright skin, better muscle tone and lesser wrinkles
  • Improved hearing and eyesight
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved sex drive and better sexual performance

Important: Although natural HGH supplements are effective, experts still recommend HGH injections for the more serious HGH-deficiency cases.

11. Regenerating Your Body: How Natural HGH Supplements Deliver Fast Results

Did you know that the regenerative power of increased HGH levels in your body would be too hard to ignore? This is due to the positive effects of HGH supplements when taken regularly for six months.

The Results

The results of taking HGH supplements are as follows:

  • You will not only see the obvious changes in how you concentrate and retain memories, but a lot of changes in your body, whether physically, mentally and emotionally will start to improve on their own.
  • When taken initially for the first month, you will notice that your energy levels will start to get better. Sooner or later, you will be able to sleep more soundly and will have that positive aura painted all over your face.
  • improved muscle toneThe succeeding months will show significant improvement in your physical appearance such as improved muscle tone, younger looking skin and nails and even hair growth.
    If there are other ways to describe it, it’s like getting back your fountain of youth. Looking back and fast forward to the future, there are many other things you need to know about aging.

12. Long-Term Brain Health Benefits: Simple Changes Make a Big Difference

If you are working in the business world, you have to be always creative, and at the same time productive. Workaholics usually suffer from brain drain when attending meetings and working in group situations.

People working with heavy equipment or have been driving vehicles all day are more prone to accidents and mistakes when sleep deprived.

Let’s find out the ways you can change your routine and help your body adjust naturally:

  • Reduce your stress and take care of yourself.
  • Try working with smaller groups and breaking big tasks into digestible steps.
  • Create a balanced schedule.
  • Delegate responsibilities.
  • Plan regular and stress buster breaks.
  • Get enough sleep and try to cut back on your coffee consumption.
  • Make your workspace free from all distractions such as smartphones, playing idle games and surfing the social media.
  • Avoid multitasking beyond your physical and mental capacity.
  • Don’t drive vehicles or operate any heavy equipment when drowsy.

These tips will take away stress from your body and optimize your pituitary gland to secrete more amounts of HGH.

13. Gadgets Vs. Natural Resources: Hitting a Balance in Your Modern Life

watching documentaries or moviesSometimes, watching a pointless show on television can make you act or think ignorant. In other words, if there is no depth to a story, it can make your brain shut down temporarily. Try watching documentaries or movies about history to stimulate your brain. Make the surrounding more conducive to help you understand the film and the words closely.

A good book will always come in handy if you want some intellectual stimulation. You can also start writing your own diary on a daily basis to keep your mind become more aware of the events that goes around you.

People who are frequently distracted with the strings of electronic information have low attention span. If you have this thing going on for a while, it would be difficult to remember things and have control over your memory.

Your smartphone is one of the most useful technologies ever invented. But, it can also make anyone dependent on using it; thus, making your brain lose its real function. If you find yourself excelling better in games than on what you have to be doing in real life, it’s about time to stow away your gadget.

14. Keeping Your Levels of HGH High: Fighting Stress Every Day

Cumulative stress can decrease the amount of connections surrounding your brain neurons. In this case, it will become difficult for you to manage stressful events up ahead. When this happens, the gray matter in your brain’s prefrontal cortex is impaired. This will result in the difficulty of processing information as well as how you will respond to your surroundings.

Talk to a friend or a family member about your problems or seek professional help when there’s no one else around. You should not let stress and anxiety burn you down because this will likely decrease HGH and affect your cognitive health, as you grow older.

15. Sweet Tooth: How the Foods You Eat Affect Your Cognitive Efficiency

sugarDid you know that in as short as six weeks straight of consuming high amounts of sugar, you will already have difficulty in learning?

Eating too much sugar can have its negative effects in your brain function. You will also experience poor memory because your brain will be working at slower rate. Thus, high-fructose diets disrupt the key factor in learning.

The Fact:Most energy drinks and sodas have high amounts of sugar that can contribute to inhibited learning and scrambled memory.

The Good News:You can incorporate HGH supplements to your intake to help your mind and body stay young and healthy. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids are good for your overall brain health. Certain supplements like fish oil and flaxseeds are rich in omega-3s, too.

Find how you can improve your cognitive health naturally with healthy foods.

16. Nutritious Food That Help You Manage Your Cognitive Health

How you think, remember things, process information and decide is negatively affected as you age due to emotional and physical stress. But here’s something to smile about. Aside from combatting brain-related diseases, you will also soon realize that age is just a number. This is because taking natural foods with HGH releasing factor treats all the other age-related problems.

Eating good food, especially foods that will be beneficial to your mental health should be on top of your priority list. Your brain needs essential nutrients just like your muscles, lungs and heart do. But, did you know which particular foods you need to stock in your shelves?

Here is a shopping list you can use for better cognitive health:

whole grainWhole Grains: You will need bread, cereals or pastas to give you energy, but you can choose whole grains,such as wheat and oatmeal bread. Brown pasta instead of white pasta, as well as wheat bran and brown cereals will also do nicely. With the right whole grains, your body will release glucose slowly into your blood stream. This will help you become mentally alert for the entire day.

Essential Fatty Acids:As mentioned earlier, oily fish or foods high in omega-3 fats are good sources of DHA and EPA that your brain needs. Shop for soya beans, walnut oils, pumpkin seeds, soya oil, flaxseeds, sardines, herring, mackerel, trout and salmon. Insufficient DHA levels increase the risk of developing memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

Foods with Vitamins: Aside from taking HGH, you can supplement on other essential vitamins known to boost your brain efficiency.

  • Get a dose of Vitamin B complex every day such as B6, B12 and folic acid. These vitamins work to decrease the levels of homocysteine in your blood. High levels of homocysteine may cause Alzheimer’s, cognitive impairment and stroke.
  • You can also add zinc to your diet with some pumpkin seeds or have a taste of broccoli for a dose of vitamin K. Vitamin K is best in enhancing your brainpower while Zinc sharpens your memory and thinking skills.
  • A boost of vitamin C to your brain helps increase your mental alertness.

Fruits and Vegetables:Did you know that blueberries are effective in delaying short term memory loss? Next time you’re out shopping for some fruits; don’t forget to splurge on blueberries. You can also shop for blackcurrant for a healthy dose of vitamin C.

fresh tomatoesWhile shopping for fruits, you can also visit the vegetable isle and pick up some fresh tomatoes. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from free radicals. This type of free radical damage is associated to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Don’t forget to pick up some sage, for it has some essential oils that are good for your memory.

Modern-day discoveries certainly have brought you ways to improve the quality of your life. But aside from these new breakthroughs, some modern factors even contribute to the deterioration of your cognitive ability. Sometimes, your brain does become what you eat. There can be no doubt how your lifestyle affects your cognitive health and aging brain.

Even though you cannot permanently fight aging, you can prevent your memory from fading away. There’s no better way to start than by learning the benefits of human growth hormones and how it helps your brain from forgetting. Remember, the HGH your body makes itself is healthier than relying on injections, and it is easy to boost it by making healthy lifestyle choices.


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