14 Reasons Why You Should Try an HGH Spray


What if someone told you there was a product that could make you look and feel younger than your age? Would you believe it? With the continuous revolution in the beauty and health industry, it’s hard to believe a product that claims to provide amazing results in terms of beauty and wellness.

One of the products that are increasingly becoming popular is an HGH spray or pills, and many of its users claim they experienced great results. In this article, you’ll find out how HGH or human growth hormones affect your body and why you should use HGH spray.

What is HGH?

hormonesHuman growth hormone or HGH is a protein-based hormone naturally produced by your pituitary gland, which then flows into the bloodstream. Growth hormones are mainly responsible for the growth and regeneration of cells found in the different organs and tissue of your body. Without growth hormones growth would be impossible for humans.

Human growth hormones are responsible for several processes in the body that contribute to your health. They help maintain your tissue and organs as you age. It helps regulate metabolism. It can increase the flow of sugar into muscles and fat. It can inhibit the growth of fat tissues.

When in the bloodstream, growth hormones will remain active for a few minutes. In this span of time, the liver will convert them into growth factors, such as the crucial insulin-growth factor-1 or IGF-1, which anabolic properties. IGF-1 stimulates protein synthesis within cells that leads to the formation of muscles and their growth. Once released by the liver, IGF-1 will attach itself to the IGF receptor of cells, which in turn will stimulate the formation of new tissue and tissue growth.

Production of human growth hormones normally declines as you age. Some people may suffer growth hormones deficiency when the pituitary gland fails to secrete sufficient amounts of growth hormones due to an acquired condition that affects the function of the pituitary gland. Children may also suffer from a deficiency due to a congenital condition that affects the pituitary gland.

Symptoms of human growth hormones deficiency in adults include:

  • Low energyLow energy
  • Decrease in physical strength
  • Decrease in endurance
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Weight gain particularly around the waist
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Changes in social behavior
  • Dry skin
  • Thinning of the skin

Symptoms of human growth deficiency in children include:

  • Short physique
  • Low growth speed
  • Increased amount of fat around the waist
  • Look significantly younger than other children their age
  • Delayed tooth development
  • Delayed onset of puberty

Scientists have to come up with treatment for growth hormone deficiency. They conducted studies on growth hormones of animals but it wasn’t successful. Finally, in the 1950’s, an American endocrinologist named Maurice Raben was successful in collecting and purifying growth hormones from human cadavers.

musclesIn the 1960’s, growth hormone treatment became popular but the scarcity of supply began to become a problem. Children with stunted growth due to severe deficiency of growth hormone were a priority for the treatment.

Another problem that arose in the use of growth hormones from cadavers is the surfacing of Creutzfeldt–Jakob diseases 10 to 15 years later in the people administered with the growth hormones. Since then, doctors stopped prescribing growth hormone treatment, even in severe cases of deficiency.
In 1991, experts were able to make a synthetic version of human growth hormones and today the difficulty of treating human growth hormone deficiency due to scarcity is a thing of the past. Apart from treating growth hormone deficiency, people use synthetic human growth hormones to build muscles, improve physical performance and combat aging.

Misuse of synthetic human growth hormones may result to undesirable HGH side-effects.

Why You Should Try an HGH Spray and How HGH Works

Today, people use synthetic human growth hormones for medical purposes, building bulky muscles, improving physical strength and in maintaining their young look.

Doctors will prescribe and administer synthetic growth hormones in treating deficiency through injections. Many practitioners also give GH injections to people for non-medical use; however, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve the use of GH injections for non-medical use, such as building muscles and slowing aging.

injectionsGH injections are also quite expensive. You’ll be leaving the clinic a hundred dollars poorer than before you went in, but don’t worry because there is an affordable alternative to HGH injections, and that is the HGH oral spray. HGH oral sprays do not actually contain synthetic human growth hormone but it contains ingredients that boost your body’s production of growth hormones.

Human growth hormone sprays are less costly and they come with great benefits. Here are reasons why you should try HGH spray:

1. Gets Absorbed Faster

HGH injections take effect quickly because they go straight into the blood stream and all of your system.  Human growth hormone spray may not be as quick as injections and does not contain synthetic HGH but it is quicker than pills and effervescent mixtures that need to be digested first.

Although you use it orally just like pills and effervescent mixtures, HGH sprays get absorbed into the bloodstream through the lining of your mouth, which increases HGH spray effectiveness.

If you want to know more on why you should use oral sprays, read these HGH spray reviews.

2. Contains More HGH Boosters

pillsHGH pills and effervescent mixtures had to go through your stomach and may lose some of their natural HGH boosters because of stomach acids. This can make an HGH supplement less effective.

With HGH sprays, you just spray it in your mouth and the ingredients get absorbed into your bloodstream through the linings of your mouth. It won’t undergo the same process as pills and powder supplements.

One of the problems in using HGH pills and sprays is that manufacturers may use ingredients known to stimulate HGH production but the dosage in the product may be too low to generate such effect.

Choosing the best HGH spray available on the market today will be difficult because of the manufacturer’s false claims about their products. If you do not want to waste your time and money looking for one, try GenF20 Plus Oral Spray and experience its effect for yourself. A double-blind study found out that GenF20 Plus can increase HGH levels by 28 percent.

Another popular HGH products are sytropin, which is both an HGH and testosterone supplement and HGH spray Black label, which is considered to be the strongest oral HGH formula in America.

To search for more brands of HGH spray visit Complete Nutrition Stores near you.

3. Quick and Easy to Use

sprayingIf you find it difficult to swallow a pill or if you’re utterly scared of injections, spraying HGH is your way to go. With just a spritz in your mouth, you’ll get the needed amount of ingredients to increase human growth hormones and reap their benefits. As easy as that, no pain and no fear.

4. Doesn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

As mentioned, injections are quite expensive, about $70 to $150 per dosage. Most people who use HGH injections for non-medical purposes need about two injections per month. So that would be about $140 to $300 per month excluding the practitioner’s fee.

On the other hand, a 60 ml HGH spray may cost around $20 to $40 and you can use it several times.

5. Increases Muscle Mass

HGH sprays are popular among athletes and body enthusiasts because they can help increase muscle mass.

Increased human growth hormone results to increased IGF-1factor, which promotes muscle growth. It IGF-1 also stimulates increased proliferation of muscle cells known as hyperplasia and it increases protein synthesis, which all contribute to muscle growth.

What’s more, increased HGH aids in the repair of muscle tissue after a rigorous exercise, which means you can exercise more frequently to develop your muscles.

6. Improves Your Mental Health

depressionHuman growth hormones are responsible for maintaining your vital organs, such as the brain. Increased HGH helps improve mental clarity and cognitive function. Not only that, it may also benefit people who are suffering from depression.

Depression is not merely just emotions. It is a mental disorder that can result from a chemical imbalance in the brain mainly due to chronic stress. Increased human growth hormones may help correct chemical imbalance that causes depression and a multitude of other mental issues.

7. Strengthens Your Immune System

Your immune system is your body’s defense against pathogens that cause diseases. A weakened immune system can get your body into serious trouble.

Sufficient levels of human growth hormones can help strengthen your immune system because it can increase production of T-cells, a subtype of white blood cells. T-cells are responsible for searching and attacking invading pathogens or disease-causing microorganisms in the body.

8. Aids Faster Healing of Fractures

Accidents can happen anytime and they can lead to injuries including bone fractures. Recovering from fractures may take time. Healing of fractures involves these three stages:

  • The first stage is the inflammation of the injured site where a hematoma is likely to occur.
  • fracturedThe second stage is the repair phase where the fractured bones will form a callus and a cartilage will form to temporarily connect the broken bones while there is an increase of osteoblasts in the area. At this stage, you may need to limit your movements because the cartilage is not strong enough to support movements.
  • The third and final stage is the remodeling phase, which can last up to six months or even several years.

Human growth hormones aid in the healing of the fracture by stimulating the proliferation of chondrocytes or cells found in healthy cartilage. IGF-1, a derivative of HGH stimulates osteoblasts or cells responsible for the mineralization and synthesis of bones.

9. Makes Your Bones Stronger

As you age, your bones will gradually lose its density. Recently, research showed that human growth hormones may be able to improve age-related bone deterioration.

Calcium is a mineral necessary for the development of strong bones. As you age, hormones that facilitate calcium and mineral absorption of the bones will decline and in turn will make your bones weaker, porous and brittle. This can make you prone to injuries, such as fractures.

Human growth hormones are among the hormones that aid in the absorption of minerals in your bones. However, HGH production will start to decrease at the age 30 leading to reduced bone density. IGF-1, a derivative of HGH stimulates the proliferation of cells for bone growth and mineralization of bones.

10. Helps You Lose Weight

Losing weight won’t be quick and easy, that’s for sure. But, Increased HGH may help you with your journey.

lose weightOne study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism last 2009 found out that smaller doses of human growth hormone may help you lose weight. The 39 adult men and women who participated in the study lost an average of 5 pounds after eating the same diet, performed the same exercise routines and receive similar doses of human growth hormones. They were able to keep their new weight for an average of nine months.

The study administered synthetic HGH through injections and there is no study to prove that HGH sprays work the same.

If you really want to lose weight effectively, exercise and switch to a healthy nutritious diet.

11. Burns Excess Fat

If you want to burn fat, then get up and get your body moving. Human growth hormones can also help you burn fat effectively. Its derivative IGF-1 prevents glucose from being stored into the cells.

Your body needs glucose because your body converts it into fatty acids, a source of energy for daily body and brain functions. However, if there is too much glucose in the body the excess amount will undergo fatty acid synthesis where they will convert into triglycerides stored in the fatty tissue of your body. IGF-1 blocks the uptake of glucose by fat tissue and your body will be forced to use it for energy.

12. Revives Your Sexual Function

Sexual performanceSexual performance peak during puberty and tend to deteriorate with age for many men out there. One medical professional observed that there might be a direct correlation between human growth hormones and sexual function. Although, his observations are not founded on clinical studies, Dr. Kultz stated that men who are deficient in human growth hormones due to an acquired cause also suffered from low libido and decreased sexual function. Moreover, the men responded positively to HGH replacement therapy. They reported improvements in their sexual drives.

13. Makes You Sleep Better

The majority of the production of human growth hormones occurs during sleep and continues to rise after an hour of falling asleep. People who suffer from lack of sleep due to night shifts at work and those who prefer to study at night may suffer from its negative effects throughout the next day. Sleep deprivation can disrupt the function of the pituitary and hypothalamus, which in turn will affect the production of hormones.

In a study by researchers from the University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine, sleep deprivation for 24 to 36 hours resulted to the drastic decrease of growth hormone production evident on its decreased values.  The study also suggested that lack of sleep can decrease growth hormone secretion the day after and can alter sleep and wake cycle.

14. Combats Skin Aging

Human growth hormone supplements are not only popular among athletes and body enthusiasts; they are also widely used by celebrities to reverse the signs of aging on the skin.

older peopleA research New England Journal of Medicine showed that increasing HGH levels in older people, with age ranging from 65 to 81, through HGH injections reduced their skin’s thickness by more than seven percent. Another study showed that HGH replacement though injections improved the skin’s texture and elasticity.

Increased human growth hormones in your body can make you look younger than your age by reducing the fine line and wrinkles on your face and by reducing the puffiness of your eyes. It works by melting and evaporating the fats and cellulite under your skin and by strengthening the muscles that hold your skin intact.

Before using any HGH spray, ask your doctor for adverse reactions and possible side effects of HGH spray. These products may contain ingredients not advisable for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, people with certain medical conditions and taking medications.


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