Learn How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely: Feel Good About Yourself


Along with modernization, humans are also increasingly becoming health-conscious. They are always looking for new ways on how to lose weight easily and effectively. They want perfect bodies that are also perfect in shape, but in a fast and easy way.

How many people work towards this goal? Not many. Experts are not asking you to reach a size zero, but being healthy is your right, and it can help you live longer and better, too.

How Modern Life is Making People Lazy

modernOne of the negative effects of modernization is that people are becoming couch potatoes. No thanks to modern conveniences, it is difficult for many of us to even move from the sofa to get the remote control. Besides, many people download a remote control application on their smartphones to fix that. Did you know what the profound effect of this laziness is? You are becoming overweight.

In this article, you will find a variety of weight loss tips, which can help you lose weight faster, and more safely at the same time. Losing weight could no more be a distant dream for you if you try one or more of these helpful tips:

1. Make a List of What You Eat for One Week

MAKE A LISTHaving a good body can increase your confidence by leaps and bounds. You will start loving yourself. But, losing those extra kilos is no walk in the park. You got to work hard for it. There are many advertisements displayed across media channels, where companies try to sell products that could help you lose weight.

It is better you avoid them, as they could have disastrous side effects on your body. Liposuction and other surgeries are also tempting, but they expensive and have their own share of disadvantages. Being overweight makes it even more of a challenge because the additional weight can make you too lethargic to work out every day.

The first answer for how to lose weight without exercise is your “food diary.” To help you in the weight loss process, you constantly need a motivator. You need to be reminded of what you are eating, how much you are eating and what you should not be eating.

No one can help you better in this regard, except for your food diary. It will inspire you to cut down on your calories, avoid mindless and unnecessary munching and lose weight in the process. Some people have reported thinking twice before eating at times simply because they are lethargic to note it down. Gradually, you will find how a food journal works in your favor.

2. Do You Want to Lose Weight Quickly: Get an Online Weight Loss Buddy

weight loss buddyThe question “how much should I weigh” has surely bothered you at one point in your life. While calculating the body mass index or BMI is an effective way to find that out, you must agree that you have not found the time to do that.

Obesity is a serious problem that has hit this world, and you probably want to step away from the problem. So, what is the solution? Just get a coach or a weight loss buddy. Having a coach may cost you a little, but it is going to be worth it because:

  • They make you accountable. When you have a coach, you are accountable to him for your food habits and lifestyle habits, as well. Therefore, your “could-increase-weight” habits are automatically on a check.
  • They help you stay focused on your goal The coach ensures that you are focusing on the weight loss program with consistency and dedication.
  • You don’t need a professional for this. You can ask your friend or a family member to act as your weight loss buddy, too.

3. Set a Weight Loss Mantra for Yourself

start believing that you can do itDo you know how to lose weight fast without exercise? The first step is to start believing that you can do it. This is the gospel truth that having a negative approach or low self-belief will never help you to achieve desired results. Believe in yourself and you can be constantly self-motivated.

In order to do this, you must first get yourself a weight loss mantra. This will help you to stay motivated consistently, and remind you to eat and stay healthy. It can be your own creation, or you can pick any one of the following:

  • “Eat to nourish your cells.”
  • “Delicious can mean nutritious.”
  • “Going on a diet means going off a diet.”
  • “Snack like a two-year old.”
  • “A treat doesn’t have to be something that you eat.”
  • “Don’t love it? Don’t eat it.”
  • “Color your plate.”
  • “Don’t eat, unless you’re truly hungry.”
  • “Work on your spiritual growth, and weight loss will follow.”
  • “Looking and feeling wonderful is the best revenge.”

4. Stay Energetic: Eat More Protein, Fat and Vegetables

Do you want to know how to lose weight in 10 days? Change your eating habits. This is how:

  • sugarCut out sugar as much as you can. Consuming less sugar or quitting it will help you in losing a lot of weight. This is because, when you have sugar, you consume fat and refined starches too.
  • Watch out for snacks. Say no to items that contain sugar and starch like chocolates, cream biscuits, candy, doughnuts and desserts. Say yes to fruit, popcorn and other low-fat items.
  • Upgrade your diet. Eat more protein, fats like meat and nuts, fish, chicken, salad and fresh vegetables.

After making these healthy changes, you will see a noticeable difference in your weight in 10 days.

5. Say No to Sugar: Avoid Fruit Juices and Sugar-Laden Drinks

FRUIT JUICESDid you know that fruit juices are as bad and poisonous as sugary drinks? It may be hard to believe, because the term itself contains “fruit,” which makes you assume that fruit juices are nutritious and healthy.

You may find the labels and packs of fruit juices mentioning “100 percent” pure, “contains no added sugar,” but manufacturers should not fool you with such advertisements. Though you may find a small quantity of antioxidants and vitamins in the juice, it cannot make up for the excess amount of sugar added to it.

Most inferior quality fruit juices are nothing but sugary water; therefore, for losing weight, you should avoid sugary drinks or fruit juices. Eat whole fruits instead.

6. How to Lose Weight Fast: Eat a Nutritious Breakfast

EAT A NUTRITIOUS BREAKFASTIt is no secret that protein is a vital nutrient for the weight loss process. When you add lots of protein in your diet, you are a few steps closer to losing weight. Thus, in order to add to your weight loss process, you must have a protein rich breakfast, that is going to help you beyond your wildest dreams.

In a study, researchers put two teams of women on a 10 weeks’ diet, where they had the same amount of calories, but different quantities of protein. It was seen that women who consumed higher protein, experienced more weight loss, almost by half a kilo than the women who consumed less.

Protein will help you to stay full. So, when you have it for breakfast, you will not crave for snacks every now and then, and you will eat less for the rest of the day. You burn more calories by having protein instead of carbs or fat, because your system uses up more calories to metabolize protein. This also answers your question of “how to lose weight on your stomach?” since having a dietary protein breakfast works to lose belly fat as well.

7. Drink Water at Least Half an Hour Before Meals

DRINK WATERThe easiest tip on how to lose weight fast is by drinking water. Studies have revealed that drinking at least 500 milliliters of water, at least half an hour before your meals lessens your calorie intake by an average of 40 percent. In a research study, scientists put two groups of men and women on a hypocaloric diet for 12 weeks, where they had to drink a lot of water.

Interestingly, both groups reported to have lost five to eight kilograms on average. So, drinking water positively aids in the weight loss process.

8. Include Weight Loss Friendly Foods in Your Diet

You cannot include every type of food to your diet, when you desperately want to lose weight. Here are some weight loss friendly foods, which you should eat:

  • whole eggsWhole Eggs: They are high in healthy fats and protein, with a minimum number of calories, and they help you to lose weight.
  • Salmon: They are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and fats. This huge and healthy fish can help you to stay full for a long period of time.
  • Tuna: It is another fish with high protein and low calories, which is useful for weight loss.
  • Cruciferous Vegetables: Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage are high in fiber, and help in losing weight.
  • Boiled Potatoes: They are nutritious and high in potassium, and score the maximum in the satiety index, which means that you will feel full for a long time after having them.
  • Beans and Legumes: These are high in protein and fiber, and are totally healthy and effective for weight loss.

9. Eat Soluble Fiber: Feel Full Without Adding Calories and Fats

Foods that contain soluble fiber absorb water and turn into a gel-like substance inside your body. Some food items that contain soluble fiber are beans, blueberries, apples, nuts and oatmeal.

Soluble fiber helps you to keep full for a long time, thus aiding in weight loss. It also helps to make your bowel movements smoother, thus saving you from constipation and diarrhea.

10. Drink Tea or Coffee for Fast Weight Loss

drink teaOne cup of coffee 30 minutes before having your meal can help you in weight loss. While you should not consume caffeine in large quantities, a moderate amount can help you to lose kilos, because coffee stimulates lipase, which is an enzyme that helps to burn fats during digestion.

If you’re a tea addict, green tea will help you to lose some weight, so switch to green tea “without sugar” soon.

11. Eat More Whole Foods and Unprocessed Ones

When you switch to a healthier lifestyle, which includes good eating habits, you not only lose weight, but your skin glows, your hair is healthier, your teeth and gums are stronger and you are more energetic. Here’s how to eat cleaner: 

  • Read labels and opt for fresh, unprocessed foods. Stop eating foods that contain artificial flavors or preservatives, saturated fats and over processed foods.
  • Balance your meals. Eat meals that contain complex carbohydrates, lean protein, some healthy fats and fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of nutrients.

12. Serving Yourself Food in a Small Plate Will Do the Trick

FOOD IN A SMALL PLATEWhile it may not work for everyone, some studies have shown when you self-serve food in a small plate, your consumption level decreases by about 30 percent, because you serve less and eat less.

You have to condition your mind into thinking that you are eating enough when you are eating less. This could trick your mind into thinking there’s more food in your stomach, helping you feel fuller and perhaps even helping you lose weight.

13. Eat and Chew Your Food Slowly

Have you ever experienced the “fast food syndrome,” which means that you tend to forget what or if you just ate a moment ago? Some experts reveal that people who eat slowly and chew better tend to feel full for a longer period and consume fewer calories, than the people who eat at a rapid speed.

Tip: Leave everything aside, focus on eating and chew your food at least 10 to15 times before swallowing it. Sip water between bites to slow down your eating speed.

14. When You Feel Hungry, Just Sniff a Banana, Peppermint or an Apple

A German study has revealed that, just by sniffing a few food items, you could feel fuller. Interestingly, you will take smaller bites of food when you sniff garlic, banana, green apple, grapefruit or fennel. Their aroma can help to lower your appetite and thus help in the weight loss mechanism.

15. A Fast Tip on Losing Weight Quickly: Lift Weights Three Times a Week

LIFT WEIGHTSAre you wondering how to lose weight in a week? It is interesting to note that weight lifting can help you to have an edge over cancer, heart diseases, stress and belly fat, and also help you to have that bikini body.

If you lift weights, you are likely to lose more weight than the people who do only cardio or aerobic exercises. You will develop stronger bones, and you will also burn fats quicker. Do weight training at least thrice a week.

16. How to Lose Weight Naturally: Bulk up Your Meals with Vegetables

Do you want to know how to lose 20 pounds quickly? First of all, you need to scrutinize what you are eating, and what you should not be eating.

One healthy start would be to become a vegetarian, at least for a while. You should stock up on lots and lots of vegetables like broccoli, spinach, peppers, pickles, onions and potatoes for your meals. Have more sandwiches and salads that contain veggies and are not only healthy, but will also aid in your weight loss process.

17. Eat Cereals for Breakfast Five Days a Week

cerealsOne bowl of cereal can give you a lot of nutrients at once. You will gain fiber from cereals and fruits and protein and calcium from milk; however you need to take care of the quantity, because too much of it could mean too much calories, due to the sugar content. This will definitely not serve your purpose of weight loss and therefore, it is essential to have cereal in the right quantity.

You should add fruits like peaches, strawberries, bananas, raspberries and blueberries to a bowl of cereal. Add any one of the five fruits to your bowl per day, and have a different one every day. This will break the monotony and keep your breakfast interesting.

To make it even better, you could add nuts, like almonds and walnuts to it. Choose a quality brand for cereals, and don’t go for an inferior one, because to cheaper prices.

Tip: Apart from eating healthy, you may consider adding a human growth hormone supplement from GenF20 to your weight loss plan. These supplements trigger the release of growth hormone in your body, and stimulate your body to lose weight easily and quickly.

18. Measure Your Steps for Achieving Healthy Living

MEASURE YOUR STEPSThe answer to how to lose weight is never been so easy and budget-friendly. Keeping track of how much you are walking in a day is a beneficial way to encourage yourself to walk more and ultimately lose weight. The smart invention to serve this purpose is a pedometer, which has the ability to measure your footsteps.

When you carry a pedometer with you, it will constantly remind you how much you have walked and how much more you need to walk. According to experts, if you want to keep your heart healthy and also fight weight gain, you should take at least 10,000 footsteps every day. It is a totally cost effective method to help you in losing weight.

19. Going Less Than a Mile Away: Brisk Walk Instead of Driving

By walking, instead of driving, to places like the ATM, supermarket, pharmacy or salon you not only shed a few calories, but also save fuel. How profitable is that? If they are too far, park farther away from the building, so you have to walk a bit more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, too.

Tip: Carry a backpack, tote bag or paper bag with you to carry the items you will buy.

THROW THE TEMPTING FOODS20. Throw the Tempting Foods Out of Your House

Your elders must have told you to not give into temptations, and this applies to food, as well. If you see delicious and sumptuous food in front of you, you can hardly stop yourself from having a bite, and then ultimately eating the whole lot.

Just don’t let such situations arise. Walk away from tempting food. Don’t look there. Throw away or just donate the tempting foods that you have to someone needy. You will feel better either way.

21. Always Order the Smallest Portion of Everything

A small change can make a big difference. This means that, having a smaller lunch that is portion-controlled can help you to lose weight. If you do not want to follow a strict diet, this is one of the best ways to shed calories.

Do this a few times a week, and you could lose up to 25 pounds.

22. Eat 90 Percent of Your Meals At Home

90 percentThe main reason for obesity is eating unhealthy foodstuffs at restaurants, cafes and roadside stalls, because it is more convenient for the sluggish person inside you. Nothing like home cooked food, because you know exactly what’s going into it. You will be interested to know that having food made at home will not only keep you healthier, but can also lead to weight loss.

So, make sure you eat 90 percent of your meals at home. One simple example could be salads and sandwiches of your choice, which are more nutritious and easier to prepare, as well.

23. Make Losing Weight Easier: Never, Ever Skip Your Meals

You must be a dupe to believe that skipping meals could make you lose weight. It is nothing but a cruel myth. Skipping meals make you feel hungry by the end of the day and you start munching on unhealthy foods.

All efforts of losing weight go down the drain. If you keep skipping meals on a regular basis, there are chances of gaining weight. It also disrupts your metabolism beyond repair, and you eventually become unhealthy.

24. Get a Good Night’s Sleep Every Day

sleepWhen you don’t sleep enough, your weight gets affected. When you are sleep-deprived, you actually act like you are a little drunk. You can’t think clearly, you’re too lazy to do anything, including exercise, and you could have problem in saying ‘No’ to food. Therefore, it is mandatory to sleep for at least six hours every day, if you want to lose weight.

The big threat nowadays is the danger of carrying excess body fat, but many people don’t even know how to lose fat safely. This article helps you to lose extra kilos and without any exercise. Just follow these 24 tips religiously and you will fight obesity like a warrior.



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